CLUB SARSO Program is a sincere initiative of SARSO BIZNET International pvt. Ltd. to provide a unique portfolio of Life-Energizing Holidays at Domestic and international Destinations.

01 Holiday is fun for the family:
In the hectic times that we live in today, missing out on quality time with the family is a routine affair. Taking a holiday makes it compulsory for you to spend some quality time with your family, bonding with them, sharing some great moments to cherish and living some experiences that bind the entire family in a whole new way.


02 Holidaying gives you happiness and fond memories:

A number of psychological studies have been that buying experiences-such as a vacation-increase happiness more than buying possessions. The memories of those experiences also last longer than the satisfaction we get from buying a car or flat screen TV. Go back to your own childhood for a minute. Can you list all the presents you got for each birthday? Probably not. But chances are you can still have clear memories from family trips taken decades ago. Are you creating those memories for your own children? Travel strengthens family bonds by creating shared memories. A vacation now is an investment in your family’s future.


03 Holidays help in regaining your fitness:

Experts believe that we can reclaim up to 30 percent of our fitness just by going on holidays. Vacations force up to exercise because we walk greater distances, swim, chase the kids around and play sports. Just standing upright instead of sitting down at desk all day help you look and feel fitter. Regular movement during the day also boosts your circulation and gets your blood pumping which ups your heart rate and immune system.


04 Holidays are also a source of inspiration:

If you’ve lost your gusto for work then it’s time for an inspiration top up. Visiting places that move and doing things that you’re passionate about are an instant fast-track to idea heaven. Stagnant surroundings make for a bored and dull you, so get your juices flowing by pumping some food endorphins into your body. And how do you do that? Sunlight, laughter, healthy food, exercise and fresh air are all guaranteed to have you bouncing off the walls with enthusiasm.


05 Holidays are also for rest and good sleep:

Lower stress levels and the relative peace and quiet that comes with any good holiday are key in helping you catch up on lost sleep. Cities are noisy and traffic, boisterous colleagues, nasty neighbours and exuberant air conditioning can all raise your cholesterol, blood pressure and the likelihood of headaches. So find somewhere peaceful to chill out and turn the volume down in. Breathe in some rest and catch on some nice sleep to rejuvenate your body and soul.


06 Getting the perspective right:

During day to day work our minds are caught up with the problems and activities of the job. Vacations are times for a change of pace. A greater vacation might cause you to think, “This is what life is about!” Ask yourself – Do you live to work or work to live? By the end of the holiday you may well turn out to be a new person altogether.


07 You need to speak with yourself:

In the hustle bustle life of everyday life doing so many things, meeting so many people and trying to achieve, what is unachieved, you tend to lose touch with yourself. A holiday can help you get back to yourself making you aware once again of your likings and dislikings, getting you closer to the lost priorities in life.


08 Your kids won’t be kids forever:

Doesn’t seem like yesterday that the teenager that just borrowed your car, was in diapers and day-care? Most parents agree that time seems to fly by quickly and those babies are grown before you know it. There will come a time that your children will have lives of their own and sad as it may seem, spending time with Mom and Dad will not be anywhere near the top of their list. Take the time for a family vacation while they still want your company.


09 Life is an adventure, especially on vacation:

Even if you are not particularly brave there are still many ways to experience the adventures that lie in every corner of our planet. It may be as simple as going to the zoo at your destination and seeing the animals that are local to that habitat or taking a jungle though the Amazon. There is so much to see and do, pick the adventures that appeal to your family and do them together.


10 Make your queen jump with joy:

In your grinding days schedule most of your times is spent taking care of the nagging demands of work which doesn’t really leave you with much room for personal life. In most cases it results in a mundane and insipid love life which might even take a toll on your marital health. A holiday goes a long way in giving you private moments to rebuild and rejuvenate it.


11 Do the new:

Being the rut, doing the same things day in and day out makes your life dull and uninteresting. A holiday is the perfect opportunity to delve into something new, something you have never attempted before. So go on do the new and discover a new you.


12 Live the dreams; see what you have never seen before:

The most endearing aspect of a holiday is hidden in experiencing the magic of an unvisited place. The unexplored is always enticing. Go on, explore the new, excite yourself and come back with memories to cherish.